Oscar Laurie Wynne

Oscar was from Britain joined AFAWI and stayed with the organization for a total of seven months. As Oscar arrived when the Livelihood Project was in its start-up stage, he was a key factor in the initial feasibility and candidate identification study.

During this time, his major focus was on conducting the assessment of the potential female candidates for the offer of loans and created profiles for each of the women. The aim was to make sure that the loans were offered to these women who fell below the poverty line and therefore needed it the most. AFAWI’s first loan disbursements were given during Oscar’s stay and he assisted in the design and development of the method of distribution and structure of repayments.

Oscar was also part of the team that conceptualized the Kid Fund and the Kid Club, which have become important projects within AFAWI’s activities. These two initiatives are still running today and have successfully provided additional tuition and secured the enrolment of two boys into primary school.


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