Melissa Girardet

Volunteering with AFAWI gave me the opportunity to work on a wide range of interesting, challenging, and important projects. After finishing my undergraduate degree I was itching to use my knowledge and skills in a practical context. I was also keen to learn more about gender and development and to work with a grassroots organisation in a developing country.

With AFAWI I was responsible for several initiatives and reports– a perfect way to exercise my skills and challenge myself. There is always plenty of work to do, although not too much that you can’t go and enjoy yourself on weekends! I was also really excited to be able to conduct fieldwork in Ghanaian schools with Operation 100. I heard some fascinating stories and it gave me a much closer insight into Ghanaian culture than I expected.

Another window into Ghanaian life has been through my amazing host family, who welcomed me with open arms and huge plates of food from the day I arrived! My experiences with AFAWI have been really valuable, and have put me in a great position to advance to the next step in my career in Development.

AFAWI Charity Registration No. D.S.W/3421


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AS-7 Asofan, Ofankor North, Accra, Ghana