Stephanie Schlipper

Volunteering for AFAWI was a greater experience then I could have imagined before coming down here. I really wanted to volunteer with an organization that was not a well-oiled big volunteerism enterprise but a real locally run NGO. That is why I chose to apply with AFAWI. I came especially to work on Project Operation 100 as I have a particular interest in sexual health and HIV/AIDS.

I enjoyed the hands-on fieldwork that I was able to do under this project, being able to go into junior high schools and speak to teachers and students about these topics. It gave me a unique insight into the real culture and social system of Ghana.
Certainly something I could never have experienced if I was just a tourist here.

What I did not expect was to learn so much about the functioning and running of a small grassroots NGO. I was given the space to offer my ideas and work on a variety of interesting tasks.

Most importantly, I learnt so much about the rich Ghanaian culture and was able to try all the tasty local dishes through the daily meals served by Ester. Ghanaians are very friendly and helpful and I loved exploring the country on my weekends off. Overall, this experience has been very valuable to my personal development and future career opportunities and I feel I have learnt much more than if I had simply done an internship back home.

AFAWI Charity Registration No. D.S.W/3421


+233 243 871 816

+233 303 965 195

AS-7 Asofan, Ofankor North, Accra, Ghana