About Us

The Alliance For African Women Initiative (AFAWI) was founded in 2005 to support vulnerable children and people living with HIV/AIDS in Ghana.



The idea evolved from its three central founders: Philip Kwesi Agyei, Yaw Adu Dartey, and Eva Asiedu. AFAWI began as a small NGO working to understand and mitigate the factors of AIDS transmission in central Ghana, specifically among transient workers.


With initial funding from the communities in which we operated we developed strong grassroots links.

Since these early days, AFAWI has grown into a national organization with projects covering various sectors from youth education to women’s reproductive health across Ghana.


The Livelihood project, which began in October 2012, is one of our most recent initiatives. Through coordination with our ECCACHILD program, the Livelihood project targets the most vulnerable women and children in local communities.  


Livelihood is also designed to solidify AFAWI as a self-sustaining organization.  Through this sustainability we are able to ensure continued economic empowerment to women, not only through loans, but also with valuable training in business and long-term planning.


AFAWI Clothing Cooperative

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