Monday, 12 January 2015 14:40

Livelihood pending applicant: Rebecca Quaye

Rebecca lives in Nsumea, near Doboro. She sells Waakye, a traditional Ghanaian dish made with fried rice and beans. She has a stand in town and would like to expand her business by buying more ingredients in bulk.

This will allow her to offer meat and fish along with her Waakye, as well as cutting costs by buying in bulk. She has asked AFAWI for a loan of 1000GHC. 

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Elizabeth is a 32 year-old mother who lives in Doboro. She sells yams on the market in Nsawam. She is planning to move into the business of yam exports for which she already has valuable experience and contacts.

She is looking to become the intermediary between yam farmers outside of Accra and exporters in Techiman but needs 1000GHC to start buying from the farmers and selling it on to the exporters. This would cover the sale and the transport to Techiman. 

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Patience is 42 years old and lives in Doboro. She cooks and sells Kenkey, a popular Ghanaian dish made from fermented maize into dough, served with a vegetable stew or soup.

She cooks it and sells it door to door. She would like to start selling fish along with the Kenkey, which is why she has requested a loan from AFAWI of 600GHC. 

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Monday, 12 January 2015 12:16

Livelihood pending applicant: Odakar Lartey

Odakar is 23 and cooks and sells Waakye from her house in Akpalebo, Doboro. She would like to add meat and fish to the dishes she sells, and buy rice in bulk bags, for which she needs 300GHC. 

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Monday, 12 January 2015 12:14

Livelihood pending applicant: Gloria Addo

Gloria, 33, owns a provision stall in Doboro. She sells tomatoes, charcoal, meats and fish. She would like to buy other products to sell, such as maize, spices, rice, soap and oil.

For this she has requested a loan of 500GHC, of which she will use a part to save up in case of emergencies.

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Elisabeth, from Nsumia, is 42 and owns a stall. She sells towels, pillowcases and bed sheets, and would like to expand her business. With her experience, she knows that she could benefit from increasing the amount of products she can sell.

She would like to offer customers a more varied range of products, with different types and designs of towels, bed sheets and pillowcases. This is why she has requested a loan of 700 GHC from AFAWI. 

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