What We Do

Approach to Livelihood:

The livelihood project is a social enterprise: it aims to eradicate extreme poverty through sustainable business opportunities. Inspired by the vision held by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Professor Muhammad Yunus of the Grameen Foundation, the Livelihood project aims to create self-employment and empowerment opportunities for impoverished women in Ghana. 

It seeks to help these women achieve financial and economic independence, by providing initial capital for their business. We have removed the need for collateral and offer loans at a much lower interest rate than the official Ghanaian one (as low as 4% instead of national rate of 24%).

We not only want to provide them with loans, but also with valuable training in business and long-term planning. We seek to give them individual, case-by-case advice and support. This can enable them to build sustainable businesses and maintain a normal standard of living.

They are able to pay all their fees and put their children in schools. Most importantly, it allows them to break free from the low-income, low-opportunity trap and become truly self-sufficient.


Mission, vision:

Our mission is to create environments that enable fair development for vulnerable people in rural and urban settings, particularly women and children.

Our vision is of a world where all women and children are safe from harm in the societies where they live and are empowered to lead lives of progress.


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