What You Can Do

Invest in Women

Investing in women means investing in sustainable growth, youth education, and women’s rights. Your donation today, no matter how small or big, can make an enormous and real impact in the lives of women here in Ghana. Click here to donate now!

Start a Fundraiser

There are a lot of ways that you can help! Begin a fundraiser through events in your community. Many of our past and current donors have found creative methods of fundraising, including raising money through running local races, holding silent auctions, or doing bake sales!

Support Our Initiatives

Even if you are unable to donate or start your own fundraising you can still help us by spreading the word about AFAWI’s work. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date about our latest progress. You can also like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to spread awareness about our work![A1] 

Volunteer With Us

We’ve hosted volunteers and interns from around the world for over four years now. And we are always happy to have more! Follow our AFAWI volunteer link to apply now.[A2] 

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