The project provides workshops and training sessions in business skills, bookkeeping, commercial consultancy and management in order to further the women’s education and help their business for the future.  These sessions also give women the opportunity to network and share ideas amongst themselves.         

The women are then provided capital in the form of small loans with low interest rates to invest in a new business or expand an existing one.  Daily savings accounts are available (locally known as “susu”).  Many women do not have access to bank accounts because of the cost, but AFAWI gives them a chance to create a savings account that receive small amount of interest and encourages saving for the future.

The Livelihood Project creates opportunity for women to be financially independent, allows the women and their families to rise above the poverty line.

The livelihood project has provided relief to ultra-poor women in communities across the Ghana, since its inception in 2012 the project has achieved the following:

156 women has receive credit to start-up and expand Business

2,101 pre and post business consulting, health and management training has be carried out.

82 children of beneficiaries’ women have obtained primary, Junior High and school High education through the livelihood.


AFAWI Charity Registration No. D.S.W/3421


+233 243 871 816

+233 303 965 195

AS-7 Asofan, Ofankor North, Accra, Ghana