An Impactful 2-week Opportunity
Connect and collaborate directly with AFAWI staff to work with rural communities to bring health education and health care screening.  This is an opportunity to work directly on a health focused project to bring healthcare and health education directly to a community that needs it most.  This also includes an excursion to the beautiful Boti Falls in Eastern Region of Ghana.

June 11-24 2017 (Deadline - 15th May 2017)
Community: Lower Manya Krobo Municipality

September 17 -30 2017 (Deadline - 16th August 2017)
Community: AKuapem South District-Aburi

November 5 - 18, 2017 (Deadline 5 October, 2017)
Akuapem North Municipality-Akropong

Day 1: Arrive at Kotoka, Stay the night at the hostel facility in Asofan
Day 2: Orientation at the AFAWI Office
In the morning, you will walk through the community of Asofan to AFAWIs office, meet the local staff and be given an orientation session on Ghana. After lunch, orientation will continue with all the details surrounding the health care screening project.

Day 3: Site visit: Health Authorities and Chief visit

After breakfast, the bus will pick you up from the hostel facility and take you to the rural community in Eastern Region.  We will visit the governing health offices in the community and after lunch visit the Traditional Authorities and Chiefs, who will welcome us into the community to proceed with Health Screening project.

Day 4: Live on the Radio

Today will be an early start, breakfast will be to go and we drive again to the community.  Volunteer Interns will visit the radio stations and other media outlets to promote and inform the community of the health screening details and answer questions live on the radio.
Day 5: Access to Health Facilities

Volunteer interns will be given a tour of the main hospital that services the community, visiting some patients along the way.  Then to the CHPS compounds to meet the community based nurses and see where they work.

Day 6: Preparation for screening and departure for Beautiful Boti Falls

Volunteer Interns will make their way again to the AFAWI office in the morning, to start paper work for the health screening the following week.  After lunch Volunteer Interns and AFAWI staff will depart for a visit to the breath taking Boti Falls in Eastern Region.  This will be a further drive than the rural community, so everyone will stay in a hotel close to the falls.

Day 7: Visit the Waterfalls

On Saturday, everyone will visit Boti Falls, don’t forget your bathing suit, the water is very refreshing. There is also hiking available and other various activities.
Day 8: Relax and return to Asofan
The morning volunteers will have time to relax and take in the scenery.  We will leave early afternoon back to Asofan to the hostel facility.
Day 9:  Office day
This day will be spent at the AFAWI office preparing documents and reports for the Health Screening. Please don’t forget your laptop, it’s essential to have digital copies of all the documents produced for this project.
Day 10: Health Screening Day!
All your hard work will be worth it to see health care being brought to community members that otherwise could not afford to go to the hospital.  Volunteer Interns will work with doctors and nurses to ensure the health screening process goes smoothly, they will be asked to help counsel clients, perform surveys and inform clients of their access to community based nurses.
Day 11: Analysis data collected and Prepare for the registration of Health Care Insurance Plan
Back to the AFAWI Office, volunteer interns will work together to prepare reports analysing the data collected.   Preparation will be done to have all clients who have tested positive to return tomorrow to be registered for the National Health Insurance Card at the hospital.
Day 12: Registration for National Health Insurance Cards
To the community hospital in the morning, to begin the registration of National Health Insurance Cards for all community members who tested positive during the screening.  Volunteer Interns will work side by side with nurses to register community members, help administering the cards and participate in counselling clients and educate about their aliment.
Day 13: Last day in the office & Test your bargaining skills
This morning will be spent finishing up reports, sharing information and pictures.  The afternoon, Volunteer Interns will be able to test their bargaining abilities at the Art Centre and then on to a farewell dinner in Accra.
Day 14:  Departure
Registration Fee 50 EUR
Program Cost: 450EUR + 100EUR Donation
Total: 600 EUR

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