An Impactful Opportunity
The livelihood project is a social enterprise which aims to eradicate poverty through sustainable business opportunities. It seeks to help ultra-poor women achieve financial and economic independence, by providing initial capital for startups and expand business. We have removed the need for collateral and offer a much lower or interest free financial support to women.

Ga East Municipality - Abokobi

Ga West Municipality - Amanfrom

Arrive at Kotoka, Stay the night at the hostel facility in Asofan

Orientation at the AFAWI Office
In the morning, you will walk through the community of Asofan to AFAWIs office, meet the local staff and be given an orientation session on Ghana. After lunch, orientation will continue with all the details surrounding the livelihood project.

Site visit: local opinion leaders/Chiefs and Queen Mothers
After breakfast, the bus will pick you up from the hostel facility and take you to the rural community in Abokobi. We will visit the municipal assembly and operational communities and after lunch visit the Traditional Authorities and Chiefs, who will welcome us into the community to proceed with our work.

Mobilization and client assessment
Today will be an early start, breakfast will be to go and we drive again to the community. Volunteer Interns will visit the local women homes to mobile women through need assessment by types and scale of business, business performance through current market trend and loan repayment competence.

Analysis and grade collected data from field
Volunteer interns will be working in the AFAWI main office to analysis and grade perspective clients who qualify to receive loans from the programs and provide needed training areas as provide by the clients during analysis.

Preparation of loan application forms and departure for cape coast tour
Volunteer Interns will make their way again to the AFAWI office in the morning, to start paper work for loan disbursement the following week. After lunch Volunteer Interns and AFAWI staff will depart for a visit to Cape Coast in Central Region. This will be a further drive than the rural community, so everyone will stay in a hotel close to the falls.

Visit the Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle ( Optional-To be pay by Volunteers)
On Saturday, everyone will visit Cape Coast and Elmina castle; don’t forget your camera, to take pictures of Ghana’s historic slavery sites.

Relax and return to Asofan
The morning volunteers will have time to relax and take in the scenery at Oasis beach. We will leave early afternoon back to Asofan to the hostel facility.

Grouping training selected women
Volunteer interns will visit the community and group women in to social group, semi commercial group and commercial group. Then each group will receive training in terms and conditions and of loans, repayment methods, business planning, book keeping, savings, profit and lost management HIV, Cholera Education and family planning education.

Disbursement of loans
Volunteer interns will disburse minimum amount of GHC 500 (Approximately 115 USD) of loans to selected women.

Last day in the office & Test your bargaining skills
This morning will be spent finishing up reports, sharing information and pictures. The afternoon, Volunteer Interns will be able to test their bargaining abilities at the Art Centre and then on to a farewell dinner in Accra.


Registration Fee:Free 
Program Cost: 250EUR + 100EUR Donation
Total: 350 EUR

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AFAWI Charity Registration No. D.S.W/3421


+233 243 871 816

+233 303 965 195

AS-7 Asofan, Ofankor North, Accra, Ghana